GrapeFul® Stainless Steel Portable Wine Cooler

Brings cellar or refrigerator temperatures straight to the table of your valued guests.

red wine waste "Most Americans serve their red wine too warm and often their white wine too cold." Jon Bonné,
NBC lifestyle editor.

Ever wished to enjoy a perfectly chilled glass of white wine?

How about savoring a glass of red wine at the ideal temperature and not above?

Wine should be stored at a stable temperature and then served at a temperature which best shows off its personal characteristics.

If you serve a wine too cool, the flavors will be hidden. If you serve a wine too hot, all you can taste is the alcohol. The enjoyment that comes from drinking wine involves aroma. Vapors are created as wine warms up, so the wine needs to be a few degrees below its ideal drinking temperature.

Room temperature is rarely wine drinking temperature.

GrapeFul® stainless steel portable wine cooler is perfect for wine presentations, catering's, restaurants, hotels, bars, parties and receptions

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