Frequently asked questions

How many cool packs are needed in the wine cooler?

Model G1 uses 2 cool packs to keep the red wine at the ideal temperature up to 18 hours. We do not recommend using model G1 for white /rose wine.

Model G2 uses 1 cool pack to keep red wine at the ideal temperature up to 8 hours or 2 cool packs to keep white/rose wine at the ideal temperature up to 8 hours.

Model G3 uses 1 cool pack to keep wine and champagne chilled up to 8 hours.

How long the cool pack(s) should be frozen for?

Freeze the cool pack(s) for a minimum of 6 hours. Ensure the cool pack(s) are completely frozen.

Should the bottles of wine be chilled before putting them into the portable wine cooler?

Yes, when you are serving white, rose or champagne. Red wine does not need to be chilled before putting into the portable wine cooler.

Is GrapeFul® a refrigerator?

No, GrapeFul® is a portable wine cooler which is design to keep wine or champagne at ideal temperature for an extended amount of time.

What is the ideal drinking temperature of wine?

Ideal wine drinking temperature:

  • Rich full body red wines should be between 58°F and 64°F, no higher.
  • Light red wines, should be between 54°F and 57°F.
  • White and rose wines should be between 46°F and 54°F.
  • Champagne, dessert and sweet wines should be between 43°F and 47°F.

Can GrapeFul® wine cooler be use outside?

Yes, because GrapeFul® is a portable wine cooler. Do not use the wine cooler in direct sunlight. Place the portable wine cooler in a shaded place.

How do I clean the GrapeFul® wine cooler?

Hand wash only. Do not submerge.

Do not use abrasives on GrapeFul® portable wine cooler. Not scratch proof.

Use stainless steel polish for a high luster finish except on painted units.

Use glass cleaner or water to clean the Plexiglas.

How do I carry the portable wine cooler?

Always use specially made handles to carry. We do not recommend carrying the wine cooler with bottles of wine in it due to weight limitation.

What is the exchange policy?

If the wine cooler is damaged during shipping and handling we will exchange the damaged product with a new one.

We will not exchange or give refunds on products damaged due to human error or negligence.

No refunds.

How large of a wine bottle can be to be placed inside the GrapeFul® portable wine cooler?

Maximum diameter of the wine bottle can be up to 3.5 inch.

How does the GrapeFul® wine cooler work?

The GrapeFul® is made of high quality stainless steel with a special insulating material. The cool pack(s) placed into the cooling chamber induce a thermo effect which will drop the temperature inside the wine cooler, keeping the wine at the ideal temperature for hours.